May 27, 2017

Easter Bunny Trail

The Easter Bunny Trail in full swing

With springtime comes rebirth and renewal. This year it’s especially poignant. We all miss Richard so much. He especially loved the spring - Watership Down both begins and ends in springtime (‘The primroses were over…’) - and it seems odd to hear the birds and see the burgeoning of flowers and trees without his happy commentary. It lifts us a bit, though, to reflect how happy it would have made him to know how his work, full of the love of springtime, lives on, not least in his home town of Whitchurch, Hampshire.

This year, we were thrilled that Whitchurch decided to make ‘Watership Down’ the theme for its annual Easter egg hunt in memory of Richard. Here, some of the children from Whitchurch Primary are enjoying following the trail set by the Whitchurch Silk Mill, Whitchurch’s wonderful historic visitor attraction. The event was a great success, and Emma Golby-Kirk, who works at the Mill, tells us:

The Easter Bunny Trail was so successful that we kept the rabbits out an extra week and made a new quiz for the school group to use. We are getting them out again over the summer holidays too.
​We thank the people in Whitchurch have honoured Watership Down in this way. We hope that the children, and children everywhere, will enjoy the new Netflix/BBC co-production remake of Watership Down when it comes. Word is that it will be absolutely stunning!​

The Easter Bunny Trail in full swing