Oct 28, 2016

Happy Hallowe'en!

Thirty-six years ago Richard Adams wrote: ‘Well, here’s Hallowe’en, and an end to all the summer - the warblers and terns; and the wild flowers - or most of them. It’s a dull, fine morning - bare trees or brown leaves; and a calm, pale-blue sea with a slight mist. An autumnal smell in the soil and trees, wet and leafy. I’ve been carrying in logs for the library fire’.

He was living in the Isle of Man then; now, back on the mainland there’s no longer an open fire, but he and Elizabeth have other ways of cheering up the autumn and winter. They enjoy the view of the copse outside their picture-window. complete with rooks, squirrels, and other creatures. And of course, there are things to enjoy indoors as well.

Richard and Elizabeth watching Strictly

Richard and Elizabeth love watching ‘Strictly…’. Richard is very proud of having gained a silver medal in ballroom dancing at Oxford when an undergraduate, even though many of his peers thought it a slightly uncool thing to be doing. His favourite dance was the Foxtrot, though we’re told he wasn’t a bad waltzer either!